A selection of written work either by or about James Boswell that have appeared in books, newspapers and magazines over the years.

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AIA. The Story of the Artists’ International Association 1933-1953 Lynda Morris and Robert Radford The Museum of Modern Art, Oxford 1983 Art for a Purpose The Artists’ International Association 1933-1953 Robert Radford Winchester School of Art Press 1987 Social Radicalism and the Arts Donald Drew Egbert Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd 1970 A Weapon in the Struggle. The Cultural History of the Communist Party in Britain Andy Croft (editor) Pluto Press, London 1998 Protest Prints: Satire and Social and Political Commentary in the Prints of James Boswell, 1906-1971 Melinda Kelly Johnson Thesis submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy University College London 2010 James Boswell, Unofficial War Artist London. Scotland. Iraq 1939-1945 William Feaver Muswell Press 2007 There are copies of James Boswell, Unofficial War Artist available on our shop page. Boswell’s London Drawings by James Boswell showing changing London from the thirties to the fifties with an introduction by William Feaver Wildwood House 1978 The Artist’s Dilemma James Boswell The Bodley Head 1947 The Thirties A Dream Revolved Julian Symons The Cresset Press 1960